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January 2, 2017

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Letter to the Editor - Daily Pilot & OC Register

August 6, 2016


Our campaign had a great victory yesterday. Judge James DiCesera, Orange County Superior Court, ruled that I am eligible to run for city council. I had every confidence that the ruling would be in my favor for it is clear that the opposition had planned this tactic as early as February of this year…..claiming that I was ineligible to run for city council because of my current position on the Newport Beach Civil Service Board. Waiting until just a few weeks ago to bring forth this

issue of eligibility was very strategic for if the judge had not ruled in my favor, there would not have been enough time for another candidate to surface and meet the deadline of August 14 th for the filing of all the required nomination papers. What the opposition was successful in doing, and this was a part of their plan, was to cause my campaign to come to a halt, and cause a drain on the funds I have

worked so hard to raise since last November.


As a result of this recent experience, I want to state right up front that am not a politician! I have no interest in reaching further in terms of a political career. I am solely interested in the City of Newport Beach, and its continued presence as a model city for living, enjoyment and governance.


I see a fundamental problem with the 2014 election of Team “New” to

Newport….three of the four elected have no familiarity with the unique concerns and perspectives of Newport Beach residents. Having been a resident of this city since l954, I have watched Newport grow and mature. I know that my neighbors and supporters want a city government that is small and efficient, while

providing the highest quality services that they have come to expect. Newport Beach citizenry also expect their council members to be knowledgeable, informed, and approachable. 


Team Newport has governed by ideological slogans, tea party rhetoric and wishful thinking. This is the fundamental problem with electing people who are unconnected to the community. We need to get back to public servants who are an active and interested part of the community, and away from mercenary and partisan candidates who move in from out of town and are only accountable to special interests.


Special interests should not be able to buy elections. We need a city council that will take into consideration the impact of development on traffic, on improving water quality in our bay and on our beaches, who will continue to work to mitigate the impacts of John Wayne Airport on Newport residents; a city council whose members want to be councilmen, not state legislators or congressmen. We need

councilmembers who have expertise in fiscal management, are interested in providing a high quality of life, protecting the tax base, and enhancing property value.


If elected in November, I look forward to being a councilman who is approachable. I will listen, and then take action. I plan on holding regular office hours at city hall, holding town hall meetings within my district, and I will not take any action, or make a decision that does not represent the majority opinion of those that I represent.


Despite this recent setback in my campaign, I am back full force and look forward to continuing reaching out to the community for their support and vote. 

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