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Happy New Year!

January 2, 2017

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All we have is Truth, and the Support of the Community

October 21, 2016

Below is an ad that candidate Phil Greer and myself have written that will appear in the Daily Pilot and the Newport Independent newspapers:



            We do not have the money that Bob McCaffrey and Howard Ahmanson have. We do not have the sinister moral and ethical character of Dave Ellis. And, we do not have the luxury of being able to hide behind political fictions such as PACS and Independent Expenditure Committees so as to be able to technically deny that assaults on the character of my opponents is my responsibility.


            All we have is the truth and the support of the community.


            Howard Ahmanson and Bob McCaffrey have dumped tens of thousands of dollars into two independent expenditure committees, the Peninsula Business PAC and the Howard P. Ahmanson Committee. The sole purpose of these two committees is to attack me and Jeff Herdman primarily because we have chosen to stand up to Team Newport and believe that there is a better way to run our city.


            The candidates that these people support, Will O’Neill and Lee Lowery, have chosen to allow their surrogates to develop and deliver unfounded, mischaracterized attacks, not on our positions on the issues but on our character, thus allowing them to feign a sense of ignorance and innocence.


            But the facts belie that representation. A political crony of Dave Ellis runs the Peninsula Business PAC. On the surface, Ahmanson runs his little committee but history shows us that Ahmanson and Ellis conspired to create Team Newport. All operate out of the same office on Alton in Santa Ana, as do some of the city council campaign committees. The stated goal of Dave Ellis, Bob McCaffrey and Howard Ahmanson is to fill out the city council with additional members of Team Newport so that they can implement their vision of city government without opposition. And let’s not forget that Dave Ellis, the campaign consultant for all the Team Newport candidates, is also the lobbyist for Museum House


            The Team Newport candidates knew who these people were when they hired them and when they solicited their financial and political support. To now deny that they are aware, much less supportive, of their activities is to deny reality. The Team Newport candidates are either telling the truth with regard to their ignorance of what these people are doing in their name, which speaks loudly as to their competency as well as integrity, or they are lying when they say that they have no idea as to what is being done in their name, something that speaks loudly as to their character. Either way, their election to city council does not bode well for the city.


            If you like the Team Newport version of city government, increased budgets, decreased services, restrictive policies with regard to the use of civic facilities, a lack of transparency and accountability, hate mongering from the dias, and a political climate similar to Costa Mesa’s, then you should vote for and support the Team Newport candidates.


            If, on the other hand, you want elected representatives who have actually lived in their neighborhoods for more than three years, who have the support of the neighborhood groups and organizations that make up our city, and who have the endorsement of respected and hard-working current and past neighborhood, village and civic leaders, then you will want to cast your votes for Phil Greer and Jeff Herdman.   We understand what our city is all about, and want to serve with no other motive than giving back.  We have no aspirations for higher office.  We are supported by Line in the Sand, members of the Oasis Senior Center Board and other community groups, and are the only two candidates that have long established histories in the city, an appreciation for the evolution of what our city is today, and will protect our city’s future. 




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