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October 28, 2016


I have such respect for this man!  He has been invaluable to me in terms of educating me about city finances as well as planning and development.  Below is the content of an e-mail Larry Tucker recently sent out in support of my candidacy:


Dear Friends and Fellow Newport Beach Residents,


Because of my prior service on the Planning Commission and now, the Finance Committee, I receive several inquiries about this time every other year asking who I will be voting for.  I had a perfect record in the three contested races in 2014.  I was 0 for 3!  So consider that as you read this email.  I have provided a bit of information so those of you who want to understand the reasons for my votes will be able to do so.  Those who just want know how I am voting need only read the *bold*print below.

In District 2, I can’t be of much help since I do not know either of the candidates, Brad Avery or Shelley Henderson.  Avery has lived in the City for a long time and serves on the City’s Harbor Commission, while Henderson just moved to Newport recently.  I will be voting for *Brad Avery* since he at least understands Newport Beach and especially the harbor as he has been here, while Henderson hasn’t been involved in any City organization that I am aware of.


In District 5, I will be voting for *Jeff Herdman*.  His family has had homes on Balboa Island dating to the 1950’s and he has lived on Balboa Island full time for nearly 20 years.  I know him because he served as President of both Island Associations (I live there now while rebuilding in Big Canyon).  While I do not agree with Jeff on everything, he knows our City well and is an approachable and public service oriented individual with no set ideology.  His opponents are Lee Lowery and Michael Glenn, both of whom moved to Balboa Island less than a year ago to run for the office. I do not know either of them.  Lowery is a Team Newport supported candidate.  Glenn has been involved in City politics tangentially, saying he was going to run in the 2014 campaign, then deciding not to do so.  Ed Selich supports Jeff to replace Ed on the Council, so that is a very important endorsement.


In District 7, I will be voting for *Will O’Neill*.  Will is young (33) and has lived in Newport Beach for about 3 years.  I know Will because he sits on the Finance Committee with me.  He comes to the meetings prepared and spends time in between the meetings educating himself on the financial issues that the City faces, most notably our pension plan unfunded liabilities (that is another story, and a shocking one at that).  Will works hard and is pragmatic which is very important when running a business like the City.  Although his campaign is being run by Dave Ellis who ran the 2014 Team Newport campaign, I am comfortable that Will will be independent and make his decisions where facts and logic lead.  Will is a lawyer with a young family, so he would represent the next generation in City leadership.  Will is running against Fred Ameri and Phil Greer.  I served with Fred on the Planning Commission, until he was not reappointed by the Council.  While Fred is a great guy, at his age I am not sure why he wants the job.  I do not know Phil Greer, but he is an attorney who I believe works on election law types of matters.  His wife serves on the Arts Commission so there is a family history of serving the City.  However, I know Will and believe he has the intellect and temperament to be a successful Council member.


There is also a Ballot Measure on this year’s ballot known as MM.  I will be voting *No on Measure MM*.  It would amend the Charter to require a 5 of 7 vote of the Council to put a tax increase proposal on the ballot (rather than the current 4 of 7).  I don’t get the point of this measure.  The public would still have the last word.  So if the Council sees a need to put such an item on the ballot (knowing it will be highly unlikely to pass), then a majority of them ought to be able to decide to do so.  If it is a good idea to the public, it will pass, and if not, it won’t.  The City Council has never placed a tax question before the electorate, so why is this new provision suddenly necessary?  To me, the Charter should deal with the governance of the City, and not be cluttered with unrelated provisions.


Feel free to forward this email to other residents of Newport Beach, but be prepared for a few of them to fire back as they will not all agree with me!  If you don’t want to hear from me on City elections, let me know and I’ll delete you from my list, with no hard feelings.


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