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January 31, 2017

“Your high standards make us remember the central question of public service:  Why are we here?  Well, we’re here to see that government continues to serve you, not the other way around.”

~Ronald Reagan, l984




As I promised during the campaign, you can count on regular and informative communications from me.  Below are just some of the projects and activities I have been involved in since being elected:


Park Avenue Bridge and Marine Ave. Refurbishment Projects


I prefer to call this the Little Island Bridge for that is what it has always been to me.  Because of the recent wet weather and dealing with temporary utility provisions, delays have been unavoidable, but the project is now identified for completion in March.  Those of you receiving the weekly updates from the City on this project have been kept aware of the challenges this project has presented, but the end is in sight!


Once the bridge is completed, plans for the refurbishment of Marine Ave. will be launched.  This project has been talked about for over two years now, and it is finally going to get off the ground.  To that end, the Balboa Island Merchants Association has formed a committee to work with the city on design.  Committee members include representatives from the Merchants Association, the BIIA, and the Balboa Island Museum and Historical Society (BIMHS).  I held an initial meeting this week with the Director of Public Works, Dave Webb, and Mark Vukojevic, Deputy Director. I suggested that the City begin work with this committee in March.  I further suggested that the City not come to this first meeting with a design; rather, to let the committee brain-storm on what they would like to see done.  It may be as simple as new sidewalks and a new street to something more complex in design.  This was the approach used in the design of the Park Avenue Bridge with the Little Balboa Island community and it worked very well.  Everyone walked away from the final planning meeting having reached consensus on the design.  


Village Inn


At the January 24th City Council Meeting, a hearing was held on the Village Inn’s application for modifications to this long-established Island institution that will allow for limited outside dining.  I am pleased to report that through the hard work of all parties involved, a compromise was reached.  Outside dining will be permitted, and the residents in the 100 block of Marine Ave. will not have their everyday living disrupted.  Kudos to council members Duffield and Peotter for the time and study they put in to the successful outcome of last night’s hearing, and to Dan Miller, owner/operator of the VI for his cooperation and flexibility!


Bayside Drive Traffic Calming


Representatives from the Island, Bayside Drive residents, Linda Isle, Promontory Point, and Beacon Bay have been invited to a meeting at City Hall to work on strategies for the calming of traffic on Bayside Drive.  My earlier communication on this topic distributed through Constant Contact and my website did help to “calm the waters”, and also produced some excellent ideas from those who took the time to send a response – all very much appreciated. Several people have commented to me that they are making a concerted effort to calm traffic right now on by slowing down.  I have, and this seems to be having an effect on the other drivers around me.  Stay tuned on this one.  I will keep you updated from the meetings held.  


Golf Cart Parking


Getting the golf cart parking spaces on the Island marked with a golf cart symbol is working!

Have you noticed?   


Please let me know your thoughts on the issues facing our communities.  As always, I can be by e-mail ( or by cell phone:  949/922-3594.


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