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January 2, 2017

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Sanctuary City Issues

April 2, 2018


Sanctuary City Issue


Lots of encouragement from constituents for our Council to take the same action that the City Los Alamitos recently took in regards to California’s Sanctuary State status. While I applaud Los Alamitos’ actions, I would ask that you consider the following when it comes to Newport Beach taking the same action....


Newport Beach has long attempted to steer clear of national and/or state issues that do not have a direct effect on our citizenry. More than that, right now the City of Newport Beach needs every friend they can get, whether there is an “R” or a “D” behind their name. We are looking for help from Sacramento and Washington DC with the proposed Port Master Plan, huge amount of funds for continuing and maintaining harbor dredging, the BPP ocean encroachment program, residential parking permits for the Finley Tract, and John Wayne Airport noise abatement. Adding to our enemies right now would not be productive when we are trying to garner support for these projects. Know that the Coastal Commission is a political body and reacts to political actions taken by cities.


We are also being more aggressive to the CalPers Board on appropriate pension reforms, including John Moorlach’s Bills. CalPers is perhaps even more political than the Coastal Commission! And finally, and not like Los Alamitos, Newport Beach is more vulnerable to a boycott - a tourism or economic boycott would harm our hotels, our car dealerships, restaurants, etc. These sources of revenue are very important to continuing the level of services that the people of Newport Beach have come to expect.


The legality of this entire issue is with the Federal Department of Justice right now. I would prefer to take a wait and see approach in terms of the outcome of this review. Again, I fully support what Los Al has done, but I am also optimistic that the judicial review taking place in DC will result in our City not having to take similar action.


The Homeless


The City of Newport Beach Police Department has an officer by the name of Tony Yim who sole assignment is to work with the homeless population in Newport Beach. He is assisted by a county social worker and staff from CityNet that just started working with Tony this week. I thought I’d share with you a recent e-mail from Tony that all city council members received…..


“CityNet hit the streets this week and were amazing! Our really vulnerable guy from under the Balboa Pier agreed to let CityNet assist him and they were able to get him into a shelter. When he left all the rest of the guys moved out (he was the life of the party there!). Also, CityNet convinced the woman in a wheelchair at the Newport Pier to agree to housing,. So we were able to accomplish a lot just in one week with their assistance. Also, kudos to Joe Delgado from Beach Maintenance who helped me secure the possessions of the man at the Balboa Pier so that he didn’t have to worry about them while he was in the shelter.”


With the homeless population hitting headlines recently here in Orange County, I thought it important that while we do not have a large homeless population in our city, the problem does exists and that we take very deliberate action on a daily basis to assist them in the form of services, food and shelter.


City Manager, Dave Kiff


There is so much I want to say about the recent termination of our outstanding city manager, Dave Kiff, by the council majority… unauthorized act that completely lacked the authority of the entire council. This action smacks Brown Act violations in addition to City Charter and Council Policy violations, and I will not allow this to just quietly fade away without appropriate consequences. I am joined in this resolve by two of my colleagues on council, but being the council “minority” in this situation clearly has its disadvantages.


I want to express my sincere appreciation to the many people who attended our most recent council meeting and shared their respect for, appreciation of, and even love for Dave, and the outstanding job he has done at the helm of our city for the last 9 years.


Please be advised that our April 10th Council Meeting will include an agenda item calling for the approval of Dave’s amended employment contract. The amendments will state the revised duration of his contract in addition to a package that has been negotiated for his departure. Being the quality individual that Dave is, he is asking that his departure be quiet and without the notoriety that it deserves, however, it is my hope that the community outrage about this unauthorized and illegal act on the part of the council majority stays front and center, even more so after Dave’s departure. Why? We have an election coming up and it is absolutely critical that candidates vying for a position on the city council be carefully considered by you in order to stop this corruption within our city which has arms beyond the reach of this termination. The two candidates that I am strongly endorsing, and that I urge your support of are Joy Brenner and Tim Stoaks. Both are long-time Newport Beach residents with a long history of being community contributors, and who like me, only want to do the best job possible for the citizen’s of Newport Beach. If you approve of how I have represented you in my first year of office, you will certainly approve of Joy and Tim. Joy is running for the District 4 seat; Tim for the District 7 seat. I am also endorsing incumbent councilwoman Diane Dixon.


I remain optimistic about the future governance of our city, continue to be at your service, and encourage you to call on me with any questions, concerns, problems, etc.


Jeff Herdman

Newport Beach City Council


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