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Happy New Year!

January 2, 2017

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Government Affairs Evaluation & Flood Insurance

October 1, 2018

Dear Constituents,

The Government Affairs Committee of the Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce completes a very worthwhile process prior to each election. Under the direction of President and CEO
Steve Rosansky, this committee evaluates the merits of each ballot measure, has a healthy discussion, and then makes a collective decision on “support”, non-support”, or “no position”
for each ballot measure. Below are the results for this propositions appearing on the November ballot:

Proposition 1     

Housing Programs and Veterans’ Loans Bond                     No Position

Proposition 2

Use Millionaire’s Tax Revenue for Homeless Prevention
Housing Bonds Measure                                                                Support


Proposition 3

Water Infrastructure and Watershed Conservation

Bond Initiative                                                                                 Support

Proposition 4

Children’s Hospital Bonds Initiative                                   Non-Support

Proposition 5

Property Tax Transfer Initiative                                                   Support

Proposition 6

Voter Approval for Future Gas and Vehicle Taxes and
2017 Tax Repeal Initiative                                                               Support


Proposition 7

Permanent Daylight Savings Time Measure                         No Position

Proposition 8

Limits on Dialysis Clinics’ Revenue and Required
Refunds Initiative                                                                   Non-Support


Proposition 10

Local Rent Control Initiative                                                 Non-Support

Proposition 11

Ambulance Employees Paid On-Call Breaks,
Training, and Mental Health Services Initiative                         Support


Proposition 12

Farm Animal Confinement Initiative                                    No Position



November Election for Newport Beach City Council


As I stated in my last Blog, I have thrown 100% of my support behind candidates Joy Brenner (vs. Peotter), and Tim Stoaks (vs. Duffield). I also encourage your support of current Councilwoman Diane Dixon. The picture of the front of our home on the previous page certainly displays the support that my wife and I enthusiastically give these outstanding candidates!

If you have been satisfied with my representation and performance on council, then I urge you to throw your support in the direction of Joy and Tim. Diane Dixon, running for re-election, and I are working hard to restore trust on the part of the community in their elected leaders, and City Hall. Tim and Joy are committed to joining us in this effort.


Aviation Update


We (the City) are reaching a critical point in the work being completed with the help of community groups, and the consulting groups of HMMH, Dynamics, and the Washington Lobbying Firm. The Data analysis by HMMH of aircraft noise over a 4 month period is completed. From this data HMMH has developed scenarios to reduce noise for all types of planes and loads by making adjustments within the parameters of the Settlement Agreement and current departure procedures.

Initial individual talks have begun with the air carriers who have shown a positive response to utilizing HMMH data and modeling scenarios to see if they will reduce noise. The goal is to implement noise reduction adjustments within the next six months.

Discussions about creating a public outreach subcommittee made up of airlines, City and community group representatives to keep the community informed and engaged have begun.

On the national front, the FAA Reauthorization Bill is moving through the House and the Senate this week. The Bill contains provisions that appear to be helpful to the City in terms of
mitigating noise from aircraft departing JWA.

Just to restate here, our short-term success depends on:


• Identifying and implementation of the quietest, safest, and environmentally cleanest departure procedure out of JWA;
• Every Newport Beach resident having a basic understanding of JWA operations and the protections in place as a result of the l985 Settlement Agreement;
• Unifying residents behind our efforts to mitigate the airports impacts on our community.


And Long Term?

• Work to preserve the protections detailed in the ll985 Settlement Agreement;
• Expect air carriers to utilize quieter and cleaner aircraft engine technology;
• Speak with one voice on airport issues in order to preserve our community’s quality of life.



For many of the folks who live on the Balboa Islands and the Peninsula, I am providing you with the following information related to a recent change in the need for flood insurance:


  • FEMA made some errors in the scientific data and modeling used to determine the Base Flood Elevations in Newport Harbor.

  • City staff discovered these technical errors and appealed to FEMA for a revision in the flood maps (2016).

  • The City’s request was referred to the Scientific Resolution Panel (SRP) - a 5 member panel of experts independent of FEMA whose opinion is binding unless appealed by FEMA.

  • In our case there was no appeal by FEMA, however, the process took close to two years to complete, and is not quite over yet (see the last bullet). The process involved the panel examining the data and modeling we were proposing. The panel posed questions, assigned homework, and this cycle repeated, repeated, and repeated itself until the panel was satisfied.

  • In the end the SRP agreed with the City on the new FEMA Flood Map which has resulted in a significant reduction in the number of properties required to have flood insurance located on the Balboa Peninsula and Balboa Islands. An overall savings of approximately $10 million a year is anticipated in insurance premiums paid, and a 60% reduction in the number of dwellings required to have flood insurance (a 50% reduction for Balboa Island).

  • The final step in the process is the certification of the new flood map[s which is anticipated to take place in the first quarter of 2019.

  • Once the final maps are published, residents will be able to obtain a Flood Insurance Rate Map Determination Form from the City. This form will inform the mortgage holder of the property that the property IS NO LONGER in the flood zone according to the certified FEMA Flood Zone Map. The City will suspend the $99 fee for obtaining the Form for the first year after the new maps are published. 

A new Flood Zone Map may be viewed on the City website at:  


For more information after the first of the year, visit the City website or contact the Community Development Department at 949/644-3200. 

I hope you continue to find these publications informative and helpful. If you have a question, or would like me to cover a particular topic in a future publication, be sure and let me know. Despite the current challenges, I continue to thoroughly enjoy my service on Council, and my representation of not only District 5 constituents, but individuals throughout the City. It is truly an honor!

Jeff Herdman

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