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January 2, 2017

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Be The Change We Need in Newport

October 29, 2018

Dear Constituents,


Election Day is just two weeks away and with it will come one of the most important

elections in the history of our city. I have a gut feeling that if there is not significant

change on our council, in a few years we will not recognize the Newport Beach that we all

love. We need to elect people who are sensible, rational, and independent thinkers

whose first priority is Newport Beach.


In my honest opinion, the two candidates that will make the most significant contribution

to the future of our city are Tim Stoaks and Joy Brenner. You are seeing their yard signs

and banners all over the city, and rightly so for they are extremely well-qualified, genuine

and sincere candidates who are only interested in doing the best job possible for the

people of Newport Beach. Joy and Tim have documented records of service to our city.

They are both long time residents who understand the culture of our city, and they have a

sincere desire and even drive to want to do the job with no hidden agenda or personal

ideology. They are just good solid community people that you can respect and trust.


This is my last ditch effort to have an influence on the outcome of this upcoming election.

My first two years on Council have been rewarding while at the same time very difficult. In

trying to exercise integrity and honesty in my representation of the people of Newport

Beach, I have survived some personal attacks by my fellow council members, and been

publicly chastised by the entire council as well as by Councilman O’Neill. I have been

privately told off by Councilman Muldoon (although I refused to listen and left the room).

Basically, I’ve been put in the corner and ignored. It hasn’t been easy to sit by and watch

the council majority initiate their block voting practices and ideological agendas that in

many instances have absolutely no place in the governance of our city.


Now is the time to make some significant changes and eliminate the political machine

that runs our city. It is also the time to provide me with some support and help! You

certainly understand by now that after 4 years of Team Newport elected candidates

“running the show” at the behest of their campaign backers, the political climate in

Newport Beach has been altered significantly. Wealthy and powerful donors who stand to

benefit financially by electing their chosen candidates has become standard practice in

this City.


It’s time to break this cycle and return to electing individuals who are completely free of

any allegiance to special interests, ties to developers, or who are interested in spreading a

personal ideology that does not sit well in the community they have been elected to

represent. This is not just a political issue; it’s has become a moral issue. We need

individuals on our city council who are independent thinkers, good listeners and

communicators, demonstrate a spirit of collegiality, and who are dedicated to putting the

city first in order to make meaningful accomplishments while serving the people of

Newport Beach.


I genuinely love our city, and find my service to it not only enjoyable, but most

rewarding. We need to get back to city council members who share the same passion I

do for our city and for the people within. I need help in restoring trust on the part of the

community in their city government. There is a most obvious need to also restore ethics

and civility. Joy Brenner and Tim Stoaks will treat you with respect, listen and respond

to you, and will insure that their vote will be in your best interest and the well-being of our

community. This election is about the status quo with Team Newport, or change for the

good of our community. Please join me in creating this change with your vote!


Jeff Herdman

Newport Beach City Council


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