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January 2, 2017

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The Sea Lions are coming!

April 23, 2019

Aviation Update


Talks between the airlines and the City continue to be most productive in terms of reaching the ultimate goal of quieter and less polluting takeoffs from John Wayne Airport. Working sessions between airlines and city representatives have become very collaborative. Delta Airlines is in the process of purchasing and replacing their fleets with new Airbus 22’s and Boeing 717 which are much quieter airplanes due to the new Gear Turbo Fan engines. Some of these planes will appear as early as next month out of JWA. Flying the STAYY takeoff procedure for United and Southwest Airlines has become standard practice (flying the S pattern down the Back Bay). The goal continues to be to get quieter planes flying consistent departure patterns when taking off from JWA.


On the proposed general aviation expansion front at JWA, the City Council has taken an official position of supporting Alternative #3 which involves bringing existing general aviation facilities at the airport up to FAA safety standards, but non-expansion of general aviation. Myself, Mayor Dixon, Councilman Muldoon, and our city manager continue to hold individual meetings with Board of Supervisors to drive home our position, and justification for it. And an absolute groundswell of Newport Beach residents are walking along side the City Council in this effort. Together we have been successful in getting the attention of both the Airport Commission as well as the Board of Supervisors (BOS). The Commission was to have taken action at their meeting yesterday (4/17), and the BOS at their April 23rd meeting regarding approval of one of four alternatives. The approval process has been pulled in order to give the Commission as well as the BOS more time to study each alternative, as well as a health risk document that failed to be included in the staff report.


The Newport Beach Aviation Committee is going under a whole new revision as far as structure, purpose, and duties and responsibilities are concerned. If you are interested in serving on this committee, please see the application process/procedures below:  

1.   All current committee member terms (with the exception of the City Council members and the community group representatives) will end on June 30, 2019.

2.    For those interested in serving on the “new” committee, the City Clerk’s Office is accepting applications until noon on Wednesday, May 8. See the Notice of vacancies below.

3.    The committee appointments will be made on or before June 25.

4.    The terms of the newly appointed members will begin on July 1.  


Applications are available at or by calling 949-644-3005.  


Balboa Island Underground Utility Efforts


Just last week we were informed by Southern California Edison that their plans to replace our existing 4 Kv system with a new 12 Kv system, and replace existing power poles with newer/larger poles has been abandon. This has a direct impact on the eventual per parcel cost of undergrounding utilities on the Big Island. The angle we were working with SCE was to get them to apply the cost of replacing our aging overhead system to that of undergrounding our utilities instead. Now that the overhead replacement project has been abandon, the cost to do so has also vanished along with the credit we were hoping for . Talk about a dilemma! We will all just have to stay tuned on this one. It’s back to the drawing board time.


Harbor Code - Title 17 Review – Community Meetings The Harbor


Commission and Harbor Department will be hosting a series of Community Meetings to review possible changes to the Harbor Code (Title 17 in the Newport Beach Municipal Code). All meetings will be held at Marina Park at 6:00 p.m. April 8, May 6, May 13, June 24 are the future meeting dates. After these public meetings the Harbor Commission will review the proposed recommendations and then the City Council will consider them at a future date.


Sea Lion Season is Coming


We can expect to see more sea lions in the Harbor in the next couple of months. To protect your property, please review the tips below to prevent damage to your property and the sea lions:

1) Sea lion season in Newport Beach typically runs May to October annually (understanding some sea lions are present in the Harbor year-round).

2) Sea lions seek large, flat surfaces, such as vessels or docks to rest and conserve their energy. While competing for space aboard these vessels and on dock structures, the sea lions are known to bark loudly, both day and night. This barking can be extremely disruptive to those living in the communities adjacent the Harbor.

3) It is the responsibility of all Mooring Permittees and Private Dock Owners to proactively secure their vessels, docks and accessories from the potential of sea lion intrusion.

4) Failure to take sea lion deterrent action within seven (7) days of notification, will result in citation (ref. NBMC 17.25.020 and NBMC 17.50.100).


With these points in mind, the City of Newport Beach’s Harbor Department staff hopes to be a resource to members of the Harbor community as they work proactively to protect their property (vessels and docks) and help their neighbors enjoy their homes, while also protecting the health of sea lions and other marine mammals.


Car Enthusiasts


Mark your calendar for the Annual Oasis Car Show. Scheduled for August 11th. Contact Bernice at Oasis to register your entry.


Taking Credit!


Just FYI, I have introduced and accomplished action on the following actions by the council. Most of these items have received very recent Council approval:

Amended the structure, membership, roles and responsibilities of the Aviation Committee

Approved an ordinance setting a time limits of three years to complete a residential construction project

Formed a council sub-committee to deal with Election Reform Approved funding for and installation of Phase 4 of the city’s Sculpture Garden


As always, I am here to serve, and look forward to helping you with answers to any questions, or with any concerns or problems you may be experiencing when it comes to civic matters.


Please do not hesitate to contact or call me at 949/922-3594 or

Jeff Herdman Newport Beach City Council District 5

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