Thank you to our neighbors and supporters!

Evelyn Hart - Former Mayor

John Hart

Newport Beach Realty Association
Line in the Sand PAC

Cheryl and Herb Fischer

Kathy Dick

Ann and Dan Selmi

Mariellen and Peter Bergman
Liddy and Scott Paulson

Madelaine Whiteman

Dan Miller

Cindy and Tom Houston
Debra and Barry Allen
Carmen and Robert Smith
Jill and Larry Tucker 

John and Elizabeth Stahr

Kathy Leek
Hershey's Market

Linda Beimfohr
Jan and Tom Hargraves

Coralee Newman
Former Mayor Nancy Gardner

Mary Patrick

Melinda Seely
Mary Ann Hunt

Andrew Theodorou

Holly Smith

Allen Oleson
Barbara and Bill Simons
Don Abrams                                                 Christie and Steve  Anderson               

Sandy and John Banker

Helen and Joel Bergenfeld

Sue and Mike Buttell

Lynn Cathcart                                      

Toni and Walkie Cole

Timmy and Steve Conklin

John Corrough

Patti Culpepper

John Cunningham

Pam and Keith  Curry                          

Carlann and Dr. Lionel DeSilva

Mickey Dunlap                        

Mary Pat Earl

Annette Giermann

Vicki and Bing  Girling             

Paula Godfrey

Jill and Ryan Gunderson

Janice and Jack Hamilton                 

Dottie and Harlan Harmen

Kathy and Ski Harrison                       

Mike Henn                                          

Rush Hill

Ann and Greg Holden  

Cindy and Tom Houston                             

Patti and Terry  Janssen            

Linda and John Kensey

Jan Lee

Andrea Lingle

Marcia and Dr. Jeff Lloyd

Cynthia and Bill Longfield

Ray Loud

Gayle Machnikowski

Dan Mariscal                                             Ann and Joel Markss

Peggy Marotta

Suzie and Dr. Richard Mays

Jessica and Matt McCormick              

Barbara and Rod McDonald         

Carolyn and Ted Tyler

Monique and Mark Hachigian

Ryan Long

Barbara and Tom Peckenpaugh

Gary Jammison

Dave Girling

Doug West

Susan Skinner, M.D.

Dennis Baker

Ed and Lynn Selich

Assemblywoman Marilyn Brewer

Carol and Gary Crane

Kristin Cano

Patricia Dryfus

Joe Brenner
Saboohi Currim

Nancy and Vern Gayne
Midge and Mike Cahan
Elizabeth and Art Gontier
Ingrid Bergmann, MD and Horst Bergman,MD
Heide and Dr. Joachim Zeitz

Charles Farrell

Cheryl and Bob Baker
Audrey and Lee Fellinge
Tim Stoaks

Teryn and David Clarke
Leanne and Roy Bowman
Joan and Don Rooten

Deanna McIntyre

Dorothy Munroe

Pat Nangle                              

Margaret and Dr. Robert Nord

Ann and Barry O'Neil

Colleen and Tom Paddock

Shirley  Pepys                                      

Barbara and Craig Peskind

Vanda and Penn Post

Janet and Walkie Ray

Jon Remy                                            

Lisa and Paul Ricatto

Sue and Walt Richardson

Richard Rivett

Jeanette and Al Sandberg

Sue and Scott Sibley

Sue and Ed Siebel, Jr.

Nancy and Dr. Jack Skinner

Jason Smith

Collen and Phil Smoot

Gigi and Sam Spragins

Jan and Tim Steele

Jennifer Trestik

Janis and Frank Waite

Nancy Watkins

Ronnie and Paul Watkins                                 

Former Pro Tem Mayor Jean Watt -                 Jane and Richard Weaver

Lynn Winfield

Irene and Ken Yonkers

Cindy and Vince Valdes

Mike Toerge
Whit Peterson
Diane Mondini
Dr. Dore J. Gilbert
Le Anderson

Joan and Jack Northrup
Leslie O'Rourke
Janna and Lynn Wright

and Sally, Katie and Jeff Herdman, Jr.

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